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"I have been training with Sasha and Rudy for several months now! She has made me realize the importance of really warming up my core before doing anything else. She is incredibly knowledgeable about proper form to prevent injuries and heal old ones. With Sasha, you get a safe, fun workout that builds strength, lengthens your muscles and keeps you healthy. I love that she incorporates post-workout stretches and myofacial release with foam rolls, blocks, stretching and trigger point balls!"

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"Sasha is an incredible trainer. Before I started training with her I had no idea how hard I could push myself. I FINALLY lost the last ten pounds and learned a whole new way to breathe while working out.

Her knowledge of the body is top notch and she comes at each session with a holistic approach. She taught me how to work out at a level I have never experienced and I have sustained my results. If you want results THIS is your trainer!"

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"Sasha has changed my life. I’ve been into fitness since my early teens and feel that I have an

above-average knowledge of training. However, I kept getting hurt during training sessions and

became confused about why I was even working out. I wasn’t sure if it was for my ego, making

me fit for sports, or because I thought I was being healthy. Whatever it was, I was doing it

wrong. Thankfully, Sasha came to my rescue. She is teaching me functional fitness that allows

me to go through life with confidence, strength, endurance, and no pain. She has greatly

increased my awareness of how my body functions as a whole and is making me a better and

more capable athlete. My wife even tells me that I’m starting to get a butt! Thanks Sasha!!"

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"I struggled with finding the motivation to push myself to really make the most of my workouts. I had mastered the art of going through the motions, and I had lost the joy of the challenge in my workouts. I also knew I could do better with my nutrition, but I just wasn’t sure how! I feel that so many people think they are eating healthy, but are making many simple mistakes– that was me!

Sasha truly is the perfect fit for me! She immediately put the challenge and fun back in my workouts! The variety of exercises and her all-around knowledge of how to make every exercise a full-body one is amazing! Sasha is always helping improve my form, which makes all the difference when it comes to getting more out of each movement and preventing injury! Her guidance with nutrition has helped me understand what I was missing or over consuming! I now know I am supplying my body with all the micro & macronutrients it needs to function at its best! The best part is how simple, delicious, and convenient my meals are!

If you are thinking about making a change, jump in 100%!! Find a coach/mentor that you connect with and can add massive value to your life! Know that in order to grow in any aspect of your life, you must learn from those who have gone before you!"


“Sasha has the uncanny ability to encourage, motivate, and kick your butt in the best way possible I’ve never had as much fun working out and getting results as I have with her. I’ve learned proper form, how to engage the right muscles groups, and that importance of switching up my exercises. Sasha has given me the tools to a healthier sustainable life and I couldn’t be happier to continue this fit journey using her incredible methods. Thank you Coach!”


"Working with Sasha has taught me how to dig deep within myself, To find the strength I need to not only get through a workout, but whatever situation I may be faced with. She’s taught me how to overcome injury, which includes modifications to specific exercises as well as how to activate certain muscle groups in order to achieve the best possible benefits from my training. Sasha makes workouts fun, which in itself keeps you motivated and wanting more.

Sasha is very knowledgeable at what she does and has a special way about her, that makes you want to do your best. Since meeting Sasha, I have overcome injuries and overcome self-doubt. I have gained mental strength as well as physical strength, not to mention the wealth of knowledge she has taught me in both strength training as well my nutrition.

Sasha is one of the most inspirational people I know, and I’m so lucky, thankful and grateful that I get to call her my friend."


"I loved doing Sasha’s workout

She has this unique sequence of pulse hold and body movements that I really enjoyed doing

I actually look forward to her workouts

I feel toned tighter and more feminine after her workouts

she made my body look Stronger and feel tighter ….

I would work out with her any day of the week

Who doesn’t want a Sasha booty?"


"I’ve never had much of a problem getting to the gym, but ALWAYS drop the ball when it comes to nutrition.  I love all kinds of food.  Healthy and extremely unhealthy food.  I’m the girl who will have an egg white omelet with no cheese for brunch and then have a five course meat heavy dinner with a bottle of wine.  Telling myself “It’s fine bc it will all balance out.”

The weight loss over this past week with YOURFIT nutrition has been awesome.  The amount of energy I have and other side effects is why I’m hooked.  I was tired ALL of the time, drinking way too much caffeine to compensate.  For the past five years, I have had serious struggles with anxiety.  The past two months it flared up in a bad way, where I was even having panic attacks at work.  I’m not a believer in medicating for that type of thing, so I suffered through bc I’m extremely stubborn.  Since working with Sasha, I have had NO anxiety at all.  NONE.  That’s huge.

Thank you for being an inspiration and a healthy role model in my life.  I owe you so much more than you’re charging."

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"I absolutely enjoy working with Sasha. She is professional, friendly and thoughtful in her approach. She makes me work hard in focused and meaningful workouts and keeps me on track toward my goals. She listens to my needs and pushes me to do more than I think is possible. She provides helpful tips on nutrition, aging and beauty. Sasha's aesthetic is incomparable and her ability to break it all down into manageable ideas to implement has been so helpful. Before working with Sasha I struggled with making decisions about my workouts and nutrition. Following her lead takes the decision making out of it all and allows me to reach my goals with more consistency and ease."


Jill McCarty


"Training with Sasha is not just about getting fit. I have trained with her for 6 years and she continues to teach me the proper way to workout to avoid injury. I am stronger, healthier, and more confident because of her positive attitude and encouragement."