Meet Sasha

Hi, I am Sasha

Certified Fitness Trainer and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Holistic Coach, ex-pro athlete, fitness bikini champion, and wellness junkie. I work with clients locally in the Reno Tahoe area and remotely online.


MY MISSION is to help YOU create a strong, healthy, and well-balanced ageless body so you can kick ass for the rest of your life. 


I have a unique ability to detect imbalances in the body and create a program that will eliminate them. Whatever your favorite “fit thing” is, I can make you better at it. Is it skiing, biking, hiking, running, golfing? Then let’s make you a better athlete!  Sports not your thing but still want to feel good in your own skin? We can definitely do that!


How did I discover my passion?

A lifelong strenuous training left me with deteriorated joints and physical limitations in my late 20s.  A long walk around a city would leave my knees swollen for weeks. I had two options: stop moving or figure out how to “fix” my body. So I set on a mission to learn how to get stronger. I had to try all kinds of different training methods and completed many certifications along the way. But most importantly, I rebuilt my body and learned how to help others do the same. 


I would love to connect with you and hear your story.  What are your wellness goals? What are your challenges? Let’s connect!

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