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Owner of Advanced Health Chiropractic

"I have been training with Sasha and Rudy for several months now! She has made me realize the importance of really warming up my core before doing anything else. She is incredibly knowledgeable about proper form to prevent injuries and heal old ones. With Sasha, you get a safe, fun workout that builds strength, lengthens your muscles and keeps you healthy. I love that she incorporates post-workout stretches and myofascial release with foam rolls, blocks, stretching and trigger point balls!" 

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CEO Rubik Environmental Consulting

"Sasha has changed my life. I’ve been into fitness since my early teens and feel that I have an above-average knowledge of training. However, I kept getting hurt during training sessions and

became confused about why I was even working out. I wasn’t sure if it was for my ego, making me fit for sports, or because I thought I was being healthy. Whatever it was, I was doing it wrong.

Thankfully, Sasha came to my rescue. She is teaching me functional fitness that allows me to go through life with confidence, strength, endurance, and no pain. She has greatly increased my awareness of how my body functions as a whole and is making me a better and

more capable athlete. My wife even tells me that I’m starting to get a butt! Thanks Sasha!"

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Artist, I AM HER Podcast Host

"Sasha is an incredible trainer. Before I started training with her I had no idea how hard I could push myself. I FINALLY lost the last ten pounds and learned a whole new way to breathe while working out.

Her knowledge of the body is top notch and she comes at each session with a holistic approach. She taught me how to work out at a level I have never experienced and I have sustained my results. If you want results THIS is your trainer!"


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